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R. v. H. (L.M.), [1994] 3 S.C.R. 758


L.M.H.                                                                                                Appellant




Her Majesty The Queen                                                                   Respondent


Indexed as:  R. v. H. (L.M.)


File No.:  24040.


1994:  November 8.


Present:  L'Heureux‑Dubé, Sopinka, Gonthier, Cory, McLachlin, Iacobucci and Major JJ.


on appeal from the court of appeal for british columbia


                   Criminal law ‑‑ Fresh evidence ‑‑ Accused's application to adduce fresh evidence in Court of Appeal dismissed ‑‑ Whether Court of Appeal erred in not admitting fresh evidence.


                   APPEAL from a judgment of the British Columbia Court of Appeal (1994), 39 B.C.A.C. 241, 64 W.A.C. 241, dismissing the accused's appeal from his conviction for sexual assault.  Appeal dismissed.


                   B. Rory B. Morahan, for the appellant.


                   Robert A. Mulligan, for the respondent.


                   The judgment of the Court was delivered orally by


                   L'Heureux‑Dubé J. ‑‑ We are all of the view that this appeal should be dismissed, substantially for the reasons given by Mr. Justice Taylor of the British Columbia Court of Appeal.  It is unnecessary then to deal with the motion for leave to appeal.


                   The appeal is accordingly dismissed.


                   Judgment accordingly.


                   Solicitors for the appellant:  Morahan & Aujla, Victoria.


                   Solicitor for the respondent:  The Office of Crown Counsel, Victoria.



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