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r. v. sterne, [1988] 1 S.C.R. 1093


Ronald Sterne              Appellant




Majesty The Queen                                                                           Respondent


indexed as: r. v. sterne


File No.: 20067.


1988: June 14.


Present: Dickson C.J. and McIntyre, Lamer, Wilson and L'Heureux‑Dubé JJ.


on appeal from the court of appeal for alberta


                   Criminal law ‑‑ Sexual offences ‑‑ Charges involving three complainants ‑‑ Delays in reporting alleged incidents ‑‑ No error of law on the part of the trial judge.


                    APPEAL from a judgment of the Alberta Court of Appeal (1986), 67 A.R. 34, 42 Alta. L.R. (2d) 413n, affirming appellant's convictions. Appeal dismissed.


                   David L. Pomerant, for the appellant.


                   Earl Wilson, for the respondent.


                   The judgment of the Court was delivered orally by


                   The Chief Justice ‑‑ We will not wish to call upon you Mr. Wilson. We are all of the view that the appeal fails. The trial judge made no error in law. The appeal is dismissed.


                   Judgment accordingly.


                   Solicitor for the appellant: David L. Pomerant, Edmonton.


                   Solicitor for the respondent: Office of the Attorney General of Alberta, Calgary.


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