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Norberg v. Wynrib, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 318


Laura Norberg             Appellant




Morris Wynrib             Respondent


‑ and ‑


Women's Legal Education and Action Committee                           Intervener


Indexed as:  Norberg v. Wynrib


File No.:  21924.


1992:  September 24.


Present:  La Forest, L'Heureux‑Dubé, Sopinka, Gonthier, Cory and McLachlin JJ.*


re‑hearing on the issue of interest


                   Judgment ‑‑ Interest ‑‑ Judgment not addressing issue of interest on award of aggravated damages for sexual assaults ‑‑ Re‑hearing as to interest.


                   David K. Wilson, for the appellant.


//The Court//


                   The following is the judgment delivered by


                          The Court ‑- Pursuant to the agreement of the parties, an order will go that interest in the amount of $15,017.48 be awarded to the appellant, a figure representing interest at Registrar's rates on the award of aggravated damages from the mid-point of the assaults, June 30, 1984, to the date of judgment, June 18, 1992.  Pursuant to the same agreement, there shall be no interest on the award of punitive damages.


                   APPLICATION FOR RE‑HEARING on the issue of interest following judgment rendered by this Court, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 000.  Application allowed.


                   Application allowed.


                   Solicitors for the appellant:  Ladner Downs, Vancouver.


                   Solicitors for the respondent:  Epstein, Wood, Logie, Wexler & Maerov, Vancouver.


     *Stevenson J. sat on the appeal but resigned from the Court on June 5, 1992 and took no part in the judgment.

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